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RIKAKO's Christmas card - [A] Tree of Life

RIKAKO's Christmas card - [A] Tree of Life


It is a monochrome Christmas card drawing by RIKAKO.

RIKAKO drew three kinds of pictures for Christmas 2021.



[A] Tree of Life

A Christmas tree that illuminates our world


[B] Each person's universe

We are all children of light, each with a shining universe


[C] Blessing Dance

Let's celebrate our Christmas and the new year by dancing in space


This page is for “[A] Tree of Life”.



You can download the PDF data and print as many sheets as you like with your printer.

It seems fun to color it with your own painting materials as if you were coloring it (please note that depending on the type of ink you output, it may bleed with paints or markers).

As a card to accompany a gift for loved ones

As an art piece to decorate your room

Please choose your favorite pattern.

  • About download files

    * The download link is valid for 30 days.

    * This is a pdf file downloaded in zip format.

    * This is for black-and-white print. The second image is an example of coloring, so please be careful not to make a mistake.

    * Reprinting and secondary use are strictly prohibited.

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