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Rikako Kagawa

RIKAKO is a cosmic artist who receives inspiration from the universe to paint.

She creates figurative paintings inspired by the universe, ancient civilizations, mysticism, religions, myths, and legends, as well as abstract paintings that depict music, images, light, air, and the energy of the natural world.


RIKAKO is also actively involved in live painting and mural painting in collaboration with artists.


And she is involved in the spiritual creation of "Spiritual Portrait," in which she draws the essence of a person through a reading.


She is also a sweets lover and has published a picture dictionary called "Chocolate Word Dictionary" (Seibundo Shinkosha), which introduces words related to chocolate with pictures and text.

< Selected solo exhibitions >


"RIKAKO KAGAWA exhibition -purify-",

Setagaya Art Museum Annex KIYOKAWA TAIJI Memorial Gallery Citizens Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

"mique no uchu, uchu no mique", mique, Tokyo, Japan


"Blessing by RIKAKO", Plus Veganique, Tokyo, Japan       

"Chocolate Ji ten-ten  -Pillar of the light", Morioka-shoten, Tokyo, Japan  


"The universe of RIKAKO", mique, Tokyo, Japan

"Rikako no carte", m.Room, Tokyo, Japan


"Fantasy World", Neighborhood and coffee, Tokyo, Japan

"Daily Fantasy", Aibagawanoie, Yamaguchi, Japan


"Dolce mondo", MIKISSIMES PARIS, Tokyo, Japan

"Cafe in summer", Neighborhood and coffee, Tokyo, Japan


"Rikako in wonder world", FINEL, Tokyo, Japan

"Mountains & Buildings", gallery 233, Tokyo, Japan

< Selected Live painting >


Live painting with IZUMI, EASE STUDIO, Tokyo, Japan

Solo Live painting, Motosu lake, Yamanashi, Japan


Live painting with IZUMI, Plus veganique JIYUGAOKA, Tokyo,J apan

Live painting with IZUMI, Sunset BLUE, Aichi, Japan

Live painting with IZUMI & pacomie, Mama don’t cry, Kanagawa, Japan

Live painting with IZUMI & pacomie, Okinawa dialog, Okinawa,Japan

< Participation history of art projects & grants, etc. >


Participate in "One hundred flowers of Setagaya art-Setagaya Culture program-business Recruitment"


Participate in "Support Program for Arts and Culture", Tokyo

Received a subsidy from the Agency for Cultural Affairs "Continuing Support Project for Cultural Arts Activities", Japan

< Education / Career >

Gakushuin University Faculty of Letters Department of Philosophy, studying aesthetic art history at the same graduate school


As a writer, I write for books, magazines, and the web, and also works as an illustrator.

I publish a picture dictionary "Chocolate Word Dictionary" (Seibundo Shinkosha 2016) that introduces various words related to chocolate with pictures. The book has been translated and published in China, Taiwan and South Korea.

Realizing my mission, I devoted myself to my creative activities as an artist.

I continues to create my work with a cosmic sensibility.

< Main painting materials >

Acrylic paint, mineral pigment, oil paint, stone, paper, canvas, board

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