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Calendar of multidimensional 2023

Calendar of multidimensional 2023


size 630×457mm




The 2023 edition of RIKAKO's original calendar, which expresses the existence of light in various dimensions and space-time.

RIKAKO prints each sheet by hand, using ink infused with planetary frequencies, using a tuning fork played by Fibonacci artist Miwe.


Sea mermaid, dolphins, tree rooted in the earth, fragrant rose, butterfly, king of the earth, human who are children of light living on the earth, dragon, alien, angel, star, the moon, and the sun, represent dimensions. Stare at the dimension you care about, interact with it, face yourself on that day, hold your hand and feel the energy.


After a year, you can cut out the calendar part and frame the multi-dimensional painting and enjoy it forever.




*Since it is hand-printed, there may be uneven printing. Please enjoy it as individuality.


*There is a calendar with RIKAKO's hand-drawn gold additions at random. If you win, please enjoy a little luck☆




The price is ¥3,500 including domestic shipping and handling charges. It will be shipped sequentially from the latter half of November 2022.


If you would like to order multiple copies, please specify whether to wrap them in one roll or pack them separately for the same delivery address (if not specified, we will wrap them in one roll will be shipped).

International shipping will incur a separate shipping fee, so please inquire when ordering.



*Fibonacci artist Miwe(Instagram

We are doing sessions and artworks using planetary tuning forks.

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